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Introducing R.L. Walker

R.L. Walker's music influence can be traced back to childhood (Rahway, NJ), Where it was never uncommon to find him singing in school and  his church choir or playing keyboards and the trumpet.  

Though never formally trained in music, he developed an uncanny appreciation for rhythmic sounds and a very strong musical ear.

While serving in the United States Air Force, he began his journey into playing the Saxophone.  He developed his self-taught talent performing at the clubs in South Korea and various talent shows.  Fans and listeners constantly encouraged him to perform more and more.

Fast-forward to now - R.L. currently has 7 full CDs available. The latest being "Colorized" (Oct. 2023) ; popping mid-tempo funk and crunch-grooving jams to sweetly reflective ballads (including an ultra-sexy Whispers cover). As Walker, who developed his alternately crisp/edgy and silky soul vibes in South Korean clubs and talent shows while stationed overseas, says, “Music gives color to the air of the moment.” With tracks produced by Walker and longtime collaborator Lew Laing, Jr., the sonically exciting set includes tracks featuring special guests vocalist Castella, Gerey Johnson on acoustic guitar and bassist Christian de Mesones.    He has performed at many major events and locations.  


What are people saying?

"Great Sounds of Calmness & Sweetness.. EXCELLENT MUSIC".​

"I'm at peace when I listen to your music, it's relaxing"'

"The passionate and powerful sound  R.L. Walker plays with each note, scale, and chord is dominant, yet sensuous.  As you close  your eyes and listen to each song, your feel a uniquely exciting account of his heart, which pierces the soul.  Every note evokes positive imagery of love, sunshine, and hope in our minds".

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